Hot Woman Lesbian Milf My Penis Smells Bad

My Penis Smells Bad

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Ask the Resident (Sex) Advisor. The Resident Sex Advisor answers sex-related questions from college students. Dear RSA, My manfriend has a dick shaped like Captain

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My Penis Smells Bad 21

My Penis By Karen Wheatley as told to John Hughes From the November 1978 issue of National Lampoon (Click on Picture for Larger Version) One day last fall, I woke up

Hey man, i feel you. I don’t exactly have a huge dick either. My teenfriend never complains, but I know that’s because she loves me and doesn’t want to hurt my

Jan. 19, 2012 — Is my penis too small? That’s a question that men aren’t likely to ask their friends or sex partners. But behind the closed doors of a doctor’s

My husbands breath smells like olives. I’m not sure how I got down to olives but that’s all I smell. He brushes his teeth but I still smell the odor.

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Yo Mama So smelly She Make Right Guard Turn Left, Secret Tell It All, And Speed Stick Slow Down! yo mama smells so bad that when she walked by the skunks get high

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When I was a little , few things were better than putting on my mom’s deodorant. I loved slathering on my mom’s liquid deodorant with the

Jun 30, 2012 · When you douche, you can majorly upset this balance and allow an overgrowth of the “bad” bacteria. This can cause medical issues like yeast infections

Aug 23, 2007 · Urine Smells Very Strong, Like Plastic, Or Burning Rubber . My urine smells very strong, like plastic, or burning rubber. I drink beer alot.Could this be a

In the US, we are extremely concerned about body odor. The best ways to keep unpleasant odors away are to bathe, wear clean clothes, & brush your teeth.

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