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Leather Knife Sheath

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Paul Beebe teaches how to make a simple pouch sheath from leather.

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How to Make a Knife Sheath. When you keep a knife on your person, the blade should remain in a sheath when not in use. Instead of purchasing a sheath from a

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Pictures and description of the leather sheath for the Ka-Bar Classic and Next Generation Knives by Hedgehog Leatherworks

Hedgehog creates leather knife sheaths with a “Function First” design philosophy. Our products are durable, functional, and capable of providing superior protection

Leather knife sheaths, cowman knives, bowie knives from Chisholm’s Trail Leather. Click on photos to get larger view. ~ For TACTICAL KNIVES & SHEATHS go

How to make a leather sheath for your knife, or anything else.

Knife Sheaths for Case Trapper or Case Jumbo. We can also custom make one of our knife sheaths to fit you knife, you can call or email us for details.

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Leather Knife sheaths.The original Dances with Wolves Knife and Sheaths are shown here for your pleasure. We also Make The Mares Leg Knife Sheaths and well as knife

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