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Knitted Stocking Caps

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Welcome to Wear-a-Knit your #1 Choice for Custom Knitwear made in Minnesota! Wear-a-Knit is your “Made in the USA” manufacturer of quality, custom knitwear.

Beanie & Boonie Hats, Knitted Hats, Stocking caps, Selection Our selection of US Army knit & stocking, watch caps includes general US Army, Army unit and Army rank

This is a colorful pattern for a basic adults knitted beanie. Very easy to do and the beanie is finished in a couple of hours. Basic and easy!

Mar 23, 2011 · Here’s a nice big bunch of hats to knit featuring plenty of styles to choose from and requiring a variety of skill levels (from Beginner to Intermediate

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Custom Casual CAPS & SCARVES. Enjoy the comfort of casual headgear from The MAAC™. Each of the following selection of casual caps is available with a small symbol

The pull-down knit cap was known in the army of the British Empire as an Uhlan cap or a Templar cap. During the Crimean War, handmade pull-down caps were sent over to

Manufacturer of Custom Winter Knit Hats, Knit Caps, Stocking Caps, Scarves, Headbands, Beanies. Made in the USA. Your jacquard name or logo is knitted and woven

Knitting is a method by which yarn is manipulated to create a textile or fabric for use in many types of garments. Knitting creates multiple loops of yarn, called

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More free sock patterns: Sock Patterns, Crochet Sock Patterns. Socks of good quality are available to everyone. It takes only the whirr of giant machines and in

Printer-friendly version. This Knitted Stocking Cap can be made with: “DAWN” NYLON of KNITTING WORSTED SIZE

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